Acoustic EasyFix textile frames, noise damping or visuals with sound!

Using acoustic EasyFix textile frames it is possible to easily create noise reduction in, for instance, office space, showrooms, museums and so on. These acoustic wall panels are available on both one-sided and double-sided, but also as a wall application or partition. On top of that, there is the sound and design combining EasyFix textile frame, which has wireless audio transfer and hidden speakers.

The combinations with the EasyFix frame, either for sound reduction or with sound, have an optimally distinctive design.

Reduce the environment noise by the use of intelligent foam

The frames are provided with a noise damping foam that fits exactly into the frame. As well as with the other EasyFix textile frames, the fabric can be changed quickly and easily.

Sound and design combined

The soundvisual can be assembled on the ceiling, wall or standing on its own. The speaker is assembled in the aluminium frame and there are no audio cables needed because of the wireless system. U can choose between a mono- or stereoversion. The high resolution printed textile turns everything into an optimal design in, for example, an interior, waiting-room and hotels.





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